Saturday, February 12, 2011

DIY - Origami heart in a bottle!

Hello Bloggers!

Need last minute idea for your Valentine's gift?
Then this super easy DIY Valentine's origami heart tutorial will surely melt anyone's heart! I love receiving handmade gift. It just feels more personal and it surely is feels more special because it's one of a kind and it's made by you + with lots of tender loving care <3

So let's get started!
Firstly let's gather things that you need:

+ small glass bottle (mine was from paper clips container @kikki-k)
+ coloured pebbles
+ toothpicks
+ origami paper (or any square red colour paper will do)

I followed MastaAzumarek origami heart tutorial to make the heart.
With 8 simple steps you are on your way on making super cute origami hearts. 

When you finished, you will have an origami heart like this:

And now we are ready to assemble our heart in the bottle!
attached the toothpick to the origami heart ....
(a little tips: you can use a little glue or sticky tape to help you attached it)

insert the pebbles into the bottle ...

put the origami heart inside, close off the bottle, tie a twine (optional) and voila!

you just made yourself (or your special someone) a cute little origami heart in a bottle!
It surely beats any 'message in a bottle' :p *kidding*

Good luck and hope you all have a good Valentine's! <3


  1. I love this! It's so sweet. Thanks for sharing. x

  2. Dear Nattie, your origami paper from my giveaway should be with you shortly so than you can make hearts without an end ;)

  3. Genius! Thanks so much for sharing this...such a sweet idea for Valentine's Day...or any other day for that matter! x

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