Friday, August 19, 2011

Green with envy

When I first saw this shop in 'Winners and Losers', I've been googling like crazy on where exactly the shop is because of its gorgeous interior. With my research and googling skills ;p I found that the shop is Melbourne's premier fashion boutique called Green with envy @ Flinders lane. One of the exclusive and luxurious boutique to satisfy everyone's addiction on the latest and upcoming Australian as well as international designers fashion line.

Of course, the gorgeous interior design and shop fittings are all done by none other than the talented + amazing Mr. David Hicks! No wonder the ah-mazing-ness of interior just jaw dropping! My fave has to be the fitting rooms door!! How gorgeous is that!

Green with envy indeed!

Images all courtesy of Green with envy


  1. what a Gorgeous space, loveeeeee this shop :)
    thanks for sharing !!


  2. hey gorge,
    beautiful photos.......
    have a great week lisa xx

  3. Pink doors are gorgeous! It's a very pretty boutique - and interesting that they didn't go with a green theme - which could have also worked in feminine minty green - like a macaron.


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