Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to Simply Nattie

Welcome to my brand new blog! has officially move to Simply Nattie : where sugar and spice and everything nice, makes life so beautiful. This is where I showcase all the cute and pretty little things that inspired.

I had z-ink for like 6 years or so now and after a lot of consideration I decided to finally closed it by the end of 2009. Why? coz it was my personal blog and after a lot of bla bla bla from Mr. AJ the Rat re: privacy, stalker and how unsafe the www is, I decided to close it and make a more general blog instead. Plus I've been following a lot of amazing bloggers out there and I decided to make a blog to features their awesomeness and creativity.

Like 'pay it forward' that if I blog about them and they blog about me and I blog about other people and that other people blog about other people and that other people may blog about me then we can reach more people around the world! (Social Networking = Just like Facebook! LOL)

So enjoy! and leave me a tag!

Nattie (^__^)/*

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