Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chocolate Flower

Why give a flower if you can give a chocolate flower?
Oh how much I love my new found desire: Chocolate Flower by Sisko Chocolate

'Sisko Chocolate Flowers are individually handcrafted using only premium chocolate. Each petal is hand made and assembled by our chocolatiers. The time and care taken to produce the flower is what makes its such a special gift, as everyone can appreciate the artisan skill.'

How to enjoy a Sisko Chocolate Flower?

- Break off a chocolate petal, hear the crisp snap of well tempered chocolate.

- Now gently rub between your fingers, helping to release the chocolate aroma.
Inhale Deeply

- Place the petal to suit the contour of your tongue and press up to the roof of your mouth.

- Allow the chocolate to slowly melt and turn to liquid as you savour the distinct characteristics.

- You have just enjoyed premium Belgium chocolate in its purest and most seductive form.

Sisko Chocolate also specialising in gorgeous Chocolate Sculptures! Totally mouth watering!

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