Friday, May 14, 2010

Lovely Package

I'm always a sucker for lovely packaging.

Check out Lovely Package as they showcase the most lovely, unique, mind blowing and awesome packaging from around the world. From a professional work to student's work. A must have eye candy to drool over.

Here's some of eye candy that I heart:

Adoré Fine Chocolate

Student Work – Sofie Platou


Yarmarka Platinum

Puria Mineral Water


Dapper Beer

and of course the winner for me would be:

Student work - Kevin Angeloni

as stationery-addict, I love this luxurious looking pencil holder.
Yes, I know its a waste of material and space.
Yes, I know that it may not be as efficient or easy to use.
But the whole point of an eye candy is the fact that it's such an eye catcher, good looking art display and imagine having that on your work-desk or even around the home, wouldn't that be a conversation starter? ;)

ps: There's so many more of eye candy that I heart, but there's only limited space that I can showcase in my blog. So don't forget to check out Lovely Package site. CLICK HERE!

Images: Lovely Package

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