Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First day of winter

O Good old winter, today marks the first day of winter for us...
Nattie's welcomes 'cold winter morning', 'freezing shower', 'gas heater bill soaring up', and 'boots, scarves & mitten'. Every morning its getting harder and harder to wake up to go the work, the sun is barely shinning and this is what I see outside my window:

LOL! Of course not! It's Australia, there's no such thing as snow here in South Australia. Winter in here is more like wet, rainy, cold and depressingly dead tree all around.

To mark the first day of winter and plus one of my friend's birthday, I went to Wasai Japanese Kitchen just off Gouger St. A must go if you love Japanesse food as they have the most authentic Japanese dinnerware, I'm so tempted to just sneak one into my bag :P unfortunately I didn't take much pictures, totally have to keep that in mind next time. In meantime, check out the sushi boat pic that I took (sorry for the bad quality :P took it with my iPhone with really bad lightning).

Winter image courtesy of Yale Sustainable Food Project

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