Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OTTO Espresso

I'm not so much of a coffee drinker.
I drink coffee, but very occasionally when I feel like it.

But I just have to share this very slick Coffee Maker called OTTO Espresso!

'Possibly the sexiest bit of kitchen equipment we've ever seen.  But 'does it work?' we hear you ask.  Well guess what, it does.  This ingenious stove top coffee maker from OTTO Espresso really does produce an unbelievable cup of coffee (yep, we've tried it).  It surpasses all it's other competitors (past and present) by a mile.  Firstly it's solid stainless steel.

This means no corrosion of parts (to taint your coffee) and it doesn't get much sturdier.  Secondly it's mechanics and power can rival most fully-blown commercial machines.  The OTTO has the same steam power in the milk spout as most machines you'd find in cafes and restaurants.  It produces 2 fabulous cups of coffee at a time and the accompanying milk volume.  Forget those other counter top domestic gizmos....they simply don't cut it.  It makes the most fabulous wedding or engagement present, or just to spoil yourself.' Collection of Cool.

Images courtesy of Collection of Cool.

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