Monday, September 06, 2010

Find-day Monday: Gorgeous Fabrics

Ola Bloggers!
Vintage fabric from Giddy Giddy
How was everyone weekend? My weekend was fill with carnival foods and of course RAIN! I went to the Royal Adelaide Show on Saturday and unfortunately it wasn't really the best time to go to carnival. It was cold, wet and pouring rain (with the occasional thunder storm and gale wind). Even at one time during the indoor fashion parade, the power was off for like 20 minutes. Regardless, I had so much fun, tasting new foods, checking out farm animals and pets and of course eating carnival foods! (corndog, bbq ribs, cotton candy!! - oh how much I miss thee).

Anyhoo, this week Find-day Monday is all about Gorgeous Fabric!
There's so many gorgeous fabric out there! If only I can get my hand on every one of them! ;D

1. Umbrella Print
2. Mel Bomba

3. Green Olives Textiles
4. Swanky Swell


Of course, it won't be a gorgeous fabric round up if there's no Amy Butler Fabric ;)

I could just stare and look at Amy Butler Fabric for hours, admiring all the pretty bright colour combination.

I'm sure there are more gorgeous fabric out there. So which one is your favourite bloggers? or do you have other fabric that you heart? If so, I LOVE to check it out; just drop me a link and I'll make sure to check it out and who knows, I might even add it to my wish list of fabric shopping next time! ;)

Have a good Monday everyone!

ps: I found this two online shop that stock so much of gorgeous fabrics, check it out: Duck Cloth & No Chintz. (if you know other online fabric store, let me know so I can drools over them too!) ;)


  1. OMG, Fabric Porn. Can't handle it. I just want to lick the screen. x

  2. LOL! Yeah tell me about it, when I'm posting this, I have to hold myself from posting everything! There's just too much gorgeous fabrics out there! and I want them all! :p

  3. This makes me wish I was more talented in the sewing department! I can only make pillow cases!

    Also, tag, you're it!

  4. Love all the water fabrics from Amy Butler Fabrics and also adore the bicycle fabric from Green Olives Textiles :)

  5. I love looking at gorgeous fabric too! These are so lovely!

    And I have actually been to Adelaide....albeit many years ago.

    p.s. you have a sweet blog. I'm now following your latest follower. I hope you'll follow me too.

    Rambles with Reese

  6. Those ones from Giddy Giddy are to die for. I also heart a lot of Ikea fabrics as well, especially their birdie ones. You should check out Funky Fabrix website too, their shop is just up the road from me - now how tempting is THAT!

  7. Stunning! So many great fabric, I can already see myself planning what to do with them :)
    Lovely post Nattie, TC


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