Monday, September 20, 2010

Find-day Monday: Pretty little plates + bowls

Good Morning Bloggers!
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How's everyone weekend? I'm so excited this week as I have so much pretty little eye candy line up to share with you all ;) So to kick off this week: Welcome to another Find-day Monday. This Monday it'll be all about pretty little plates and bowls. I have this obsession of collecting so much of pretty + one of a kind plates and bowl. They just so pretty to look at and in some occasion gorgeous to use it as well ;)

1. Scroll Tree 2. Isabelle Abramson Lace bowl 3. Oliver Appetizer Plates 4. Maryse Boxer  5. Thomas Pauls 6. Tad Carpenter


  1. very your choices,always nice to have pretty plates around the home XX

  2. What a cute blog you have - lovely inspiration!


  3. Oh I love plates and bowls so much, I usually mix and match from thrift stores of vacation finds. Love that white lacy one! :)

  4. Great blog! And thank you so much for visiting :) Love the little plates, especially the ones with the birds on them (I'm such a dinnerware geek... No wonder why I started working with Elinno ;))

    Have a fabulous evening!



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x nattie

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