Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HPM Linea Colours Power Points

Brighten up your boring white walls with this colourful power point board by HPM!

pretty cute uh? ;)
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  1. Wonderful idea! I would have never thought of this!

    Wow, those outlets look weird! :)

  2. They are fabulous! I painted a few outlet covers (accidentally) while painting one of our family room walls...best slip-up yet! :)

  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! Yeah, I'm loving them so much!! just so colourful and plus with that no one can say they can't see where the switch is :p

    @Dolores: sometimes the best things happened due to accidental mistakes :P

  4. Just what I need for the teen ensuite - the walls are very dark grey so one of these powerpoint covers will be ideal! Rachaelxx


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