Friday, September 10, 2010

YAY! Friday: Frame Ledge

YAY! Friday!
lago shelving anyone? ;)
Hellowww bloggers! TGI Friday! How's everyone week been? I'm so glad it's Friday already, this week just been so dragging. But in the bright side (literally), the sun decided to come out and it's been warming ever since. For once in the past three months, we didn't even turn the heater on all day and night yesterday ( say bye bye to the rising gas bill ;p )

Anyhoo, I have this empty boring wall in my dining room and I've been dying to do something about it. There were so many ideas that we've been brainstorming about for the past months or so; should we paint it? hang a big painted artwork? make a big yearly calendar? or hang several picture frames on it?

Things that we're looking on getting must have:
1. No clutter - we don't want to make it look too clutter by putting too much on the wall.
2. Nothing permanent - so painting the wall is not an option.
3. Nothing with too big impact i.e big painted artwork :p
4. Something streamline with the flexibility to change the mood and feels to it overtime.
5. Nothing too expensive because we're on a tight budget :p

So we decided to get some Frames Ledges! It's streamline + affordable, not too clutter and we can change the mood of it overtime.

Well, to get us inspired, I've compiled some of frame ledges inspirations board, enjoy ;)

Love the chunky box picture ledges!
Combination of lotsa frames ledges - nah... too clutter for me ;p
Love the idea of using moulding as ledge
This is so pretty!
nice idea of combining long and short ledges ( IKEA Ribba ledge )
add a bulldog clip and it become a message board :)
Something more country feels? ( IKEA Molger shelf )
How artistic is this shelf in the wind?
Love this equation shelving!
so random: but can't help not blog about this cutie ;)
Gosh, decision decision. But as I mention earlier, we're looking for something affordable.
Therefore ... IKEA IT IS! ;p LOL

It's streamline, affordable and looks nice. So we might go to IKEA this weekend and see what it look like in reality. So, do have a picture frame ledge in your home? If so, so you love it? Is it good and practical?

Anyhoo, that's all from me for this week bloggers! Have a good weekend everyone!
Till next time ... 


  1. Love that idea! I can't even pick a favourite picture, it kept changing as I went down. I have a think for letters though so I love the IKEA inspiration :)

  2. Ikea has loads of great options, Nattie, you'll definitely find what you need. I use the Ribba shelves in white (I don't know if they still come in white, I've only seen black recently) and they look terrific. Shelves are fab. x

  3. Honestly... I don't think shelves belong in the dining area. Maybe you'll start a new trend... or maybe you'll tell us why it's not a good idea later.

  4. I'm all for organization and clutter free!! Love those first pics of those book shelves! xo

  5. Very useful post! Sometimes I really look for idea how to display all the photos and paintings that I have. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Oh WOW! I love these the equation shelt, wind shelf and ikea molger shelf are my favourite (haha I almost named all of them). What awesome inspiration!!!

  7. Oh wait! The first one is super cool too!!!
    Ughhh they're all great!!! :o)


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x nattie

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