Friday, October 08, 2010

YAY! Friday: Walk-in Wardrobe

YAY! Friday!
How's your week been blogger? Mine has been busy as a bee! end of quarter + end of month = lots of accounts to do :s Anyhoo ( in entirely different subject ) I always wanted to have a walk in wardrobe! ( I think every girl's dreams to have a walk in wardrobe ) It just look so prettily organised. Unfortunately due to our tiny house, I won't be getting my walk in wardrobe in the foreseeable future. But... a girl can dream and lust over pretty pictures, can't she? ;p

Crisp clean white
neutral colour
very sophisticated! love the large glass sliding door
super organised wardrob
love the candy pink
Miley Cyrus Pad
pretty bright colour
Loving Mariah Carey's Closet
The ultimate Carrie's bradshaw's closet
sex and the city 2 closets :)
Have a good weekend everyone!!
The Bowerbird Bazaar is on this weekend in Adelaide!

Make sure to drop by over the Queen's Theatre to check all design driven art and wares by Australian designer and crafter :)


  1. I've thought about turning my entire house into a walk in closet, but the boyfriend shot down the idea. Men...


  2. This is SO my dream! I love, love, LOVE all these rooms!!

  3. I'd give my left pinky for a walk in closet!
    Or maybe not - but almost!

    Great selection and have a great weekend :)

  4. You have some great pictures here. well put together. your are right these are inspiring

  5. Geez, some of those walk in robes are nearly as big as my entire tiny home!! Wow! Pure luxury.... and yep, I'd love to have one!

    Linda. x

  6. Wow now they are huge walk in wardrobes. I have a small one, have room for clothes, my dressing table, shelves and a chair but it is pretty small. Love the images above. Enjoy the weekend

    All things nice...

  7. This wardrobes are a dream!!!!!
    I wish I have one!!!!
    Have a happy new week,

  8. mmm, these kind of make mine look... mmm shall I say BORING DULL something like that!

    so gorgeous


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x nattie

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