Monday, December 13, 2010

xmas 2010 banner

Good Morning everyone!

How's everyone weekend?
Hope you all have relaxing and/or productive weekend!
My weekend has been filled with more Christmas shopping and more Christmas gift wrapping.

Believe it or not I still have plenty more to wrap. It feels like a never ending xmas gifts to buy and to wrap! I don't mind the wrapping, I love wrapping gift: I found it very soothingly therapeutic. Buying on the other hand, is not something that I too keen about. The way I kept on slashing my credit card, I think I'll be horrified when  my credit card bill come next month :p

Anyhoo, just in case you notice (duh, hard to miss ;p) I finally get a Christmas theme banner up and running! I supposed to create another drawing with xmas theme BUT due to my hectic schedule lately, I'm starting to run out of time, so this just have to do: I snapped a photo from my frame ledges at home and voila! instant banner ;) Hope you like it. Honest opinion is very much appreciated! You can even be brutally honest, I always appreciate a good healthy criticism :)

Oh one more thing, I don't know if it's noticeable due to my white blog but I added in a falling snowy effect to add a touch of Christmas vibes :) It super easy to add it into your blog, just click here and click 'add snow effect to your blogger blog' and voila instant falling snow for your blog. Do let me know if you do add it, so I can check it out how it looks in your blog too!

So how's everyone Christmas preps and shoppings? Almost done? nearly done? or just getting started? ;)

Have a nice Monday everyone!


  1. I think I need to come to you to learn how to wrap presents as those are amazingly wrapped. I thought it was at first just an image from the internet until I noticed your blog name on it.

    Also you fire place looks amazing, I have no critism for your festive banner.

    I'm glad you mentione the snow as I thought my screen was going a little funny as its not so obvious that the snow is there except occasional a word gets covered.

  2. @Burst of bubbles: THANKS x 100! I don't think my xmas wrapping all that amazing! BUT THANKS FOR THINKING THAT! I'm totally more pumped on doing more wrapping! :)

    my home is still a working progress, hopefully by next year, I can share more with you all :)

    Haha.. yeah I know, I'm tempted to change my blog's background to darker color to show the snowy effect more, but I thought I like it this way, Its more subtle :P


  3. woo wee i'd totally be happy to have one of those presents under the tree for me the wrapping, how do you make your blog look so good, mine seems so boring took me forever to do my banner {i'm talking forever} i think i might need to pay someone hehehehehe
    i like your little comments have a fab day nattie xx

  4. Thanks Lisa! But I LOVE your banner! It's so simply sophisticated! xx Have a nice day too!!

  5. PS: Oh just in case any of you wondering, why do I have an odd one brown paper wrapped gift out of all of them = it is for my kris kringle's gift and I got the theme of 'Vintage' for my special someone, so I thought of wrapping it in rippled ex-packaging brown paper and prettied up with a red bow from IKEA :)

  6. ohhh i love your snow effect nattie and your header is just too cute xxxx

  7. Yipee you stumbled upon mine .. as now I can stumble back to you. LOVE the posts I have quickly scanned - will come back and check out the rest. Am impressed with your ribbon wrapping too. Looks great.

    Will come back soon OK (-:

  8. I love both your header and your wrapping!
    The twine that I used is from Ikea btw.
    Have a lovely week, dear!
    Hugs, Nina

  9. Adorable. I love your new header! I'm feeling a bit crazy though, I don't see any falling snow??


Thanks everyone for taking the time to comments! All of your lovely comments brighten my days and very much loves always! *hugs*
x nattie

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