Friday, February 11, 2011

All you need is LOVE!

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ps: it's a real cake! 
I'm still here bloggers! Gosh ... where has the time gone?!!
Sorry for the MIA for the past weeks, I honestly have no idea where the weeks had gone. I didn't even feel that the we're already in mid-February already ( oh noes! )
Anyhoo, how's everyone been? I hope everyone is doing well!
Talking about mid-Feb, gosh Valentine's day is coming up!

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So bloggers, do you have any Valentine's plan? gift to make or buy? cards to sign? flower to arrange? yearly tradition that you always do for Valentine's?

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For me Valentine's is all about spending time together with your loves ones. So for me and my dear honey, we always spend Valentine's: Baking Together!

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It's rare to find a guy who enjoy cooking and baking: lucky for me my honey is one of those rare find. He loves cooking (hence the fact I don't cook that much around the home - point for me) and he enjoy baking! (more points for me!). This year, we are attempting on making layered cake foam pudding (I think that's what its called - close enough).

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Anyhoo, long story cut short: We'll do baking this weekend! Don't know how it'll turned up. If it turned up good, I'll take a few snaps and share with you all!
In a meantime, have a good weekend and Happy Valentine's everyone!


ps: I know I know I know ... I really should already change my banner!! >___<  I have several in file, but this little miss perfect is not easily satisfied with any of it. So back to the drawing board. Promise, will update soon!!

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