Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pressie has arrived!

Yay! Remember when the lovely Anna from Around my table hosted her Japanese goodies giveaway back in November? Well, I won it!! But due to me going on holiday and she going on holiday and the busy holiday season, I just received Anna's goodies yesterday! and let me tell you, it sure was worth the wait ;D

yay! I received a mystery package!
awww! love love the japanesse goodies!
I received a gorgeous origami paper pack!
a cute panda brooch + a lovely pinkish cotton handkerchief 
When I first saw this, I thought what could this be? it looks like a bag of
obanyaki [lol - me and my foods cravings ;p]
It turned up to be a cute Japanese coin pouch awww....
The complete goodies!
Thanks Anna for the super cute and awesome giveaway!!
If you haven't visit Anna's blog, you definitely should! She always has awesome decor ideas and lovely adventures to share! Check out Anna's blog : Around my table.

Have a nice Wednesday bloggers!

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  1. Hello dear, I'm glad you've received it and that you like it! Can't wait to see what you can come up with the origami paper :)


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