Friday, July 22, 2011

Still here!

Hello Bloggers!
Omigosh! I can't believe, it has been over three month from my last post?!
Sorry bloggers T____T

Life has been just so hectic for the past months and I don't know if it is just me or others feels the same way: but it is just so easy to go back to non-blogging life. What I meant is sometimes when you forget or not blog for a day: a day become a week, a week become a month and a month turns into several months; Next thing you know, it's been 4 months since your last post @__@?! Gosh times seems to be slipping away from me lately...

Anyhoo, long story cut short:

1st. There's no excuse of my tardiness
2nd. I've been struggling with life in general
3rd. But in saying that, I'm back and ready to take on the world ....
      one tax return at the time ;p LOL
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Well, while I was away from blogging of my own, I didn't neglect my blogs reading. I still do visit everyone's blog, and I realised some blogs that I used to visit, having the same predicament like me. They just seems to 'poof' gone with the wind and the blog left unattended.

Part of me felt: 'awww... that's too bad! I love reading that blog!'
and yet another part of me felt:
'I know what you're going through and I understand. Juggling life, family, friends, work, and blogging among other things can be quite challenging. But in saying that: do not be discourage and hopefully you'll be back into blogging in the near future!' ;)

via happy things tumblr
Anyhoo, while blog surfings; I found tons more inspiring blogs; hence the over growing list of my daily blog read on the right corner of my blog. Do check it out!

So, in hindsight, I'll be blogging semi often. But I can assure you that I won't let a week go by without saying 'Hello' to all of you ;)

Have a good weekend everyone! xx

daily inspiration from simplynattie tumblr ;)

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