Friday, August 05, 2011

Indigo Fawn

I'm always a sucker for cute and pretty jewelery design and at the moment, I'm totally loving Indigo Fawn jewelery range!
papercuts 'I heart' necklace white
"With a love for the unique, an eye for detail and a love of fusing cultures, textures and trends, Indigo Fawn was born as a multi-disciplinary studio devoted to all things art and design. Our ranges were inspired by a recent trip overseas with a collection of numerous photographs and sketches along the way. Our process always remains the same. All designs begin on paper and explore, form, shape and function. From these sketches, individual pieces are chosen and each are laser cut from acrylic. To finish, each piece is hand carved, sanded and polished. Hand cut sterling silver pieces are added and each piece is completed with sterling silver finishes. Along with the Indigo Fawn Jewellery range we have also created a children’s collection. Tollie and Dot and their cat Mr Moon are a collection of colourful brooches, window hangings and printed vintage postcards." -   Indigo Fawn

papercut I 'heart' earrings black
tollie & dot range
pomegranate bedrock slate white earrings and ring
more gorgeous goodies!!
How cute is the tollie and dot range!! It's my personal fave!! <3 hearts!
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All images courtesy of: Indigo Fawn


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