Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Post: White + pop of colours by Arcadian Lighting

Hello everyone!!
Hope you all having a great day so far.
I'm so excited today as I'm having my first ever guest post!

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, one of the best sources for home lighting and lamps online since 2002. Stop by their blog to say hello and check out the latest trends in lighting fixtures.

All white is a very crisp, fresh look for a room, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bath. Adding a pop or two or three of color can dramatically change the look and feel. Depending on the color you choose as an accent, the room can feel energetic, calming or sophisticated—or all three. Here are eight of our favorite all white rooms that pop with color. Enjoy!
Accent Color
Love this white space with its super high ceilings. The green dining chairs add a great pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.
Accent Color
The wood of the bed acts as a pop of color in this all white bedroom. Complementing the wood are rich earthy colors of plum and camel. Beautiful.
Accent Color
All white bathrooms are just waiting for a pop or two of color to come alive. Love the spring green accents and wallpaper in this bath.
Accent Color
Pops of color can be warm neutrals like camel, tan and greys in an all white room. These neutral colors create a much more subtle pop than a bold primary color. Love the tall white lamps and contemporary coffee table.
Accent Color
Art, rugs and furniture can all add a pop of color to a white room. You can chose one color, or a multi-color rug or object to add a burst of color.
Accent Color
Rather than an accent wall, the inside of the bookcase was painted red to add a pop of color to this white room. The red anchors the space, but doesn't overwhelm it.
Accent Colors
Adding two complementary colors, like purple and chartreuse, in fabrics and upholstery give this bedroom a burst of energy. All white is the perfect background for playing with color.
Accent Colors
In an all white kitchen, accessories can add small pops of color. For the bold, a colored backsplash adds a big pop of color and changes the look and feel of the room. The under cabinet lighting places even more emphasis on this contrasting color.

Relying on accent colors is a classic way to keep your room fresh and lively. Visit Arcadian Lighting's website for more design inspiration, and to discover even more lighting options, from pendant lights to table lamps. Images (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


What a lovely post and great tips!
My fave has to be the green backsplash for the kitchen. Which one is your favourite?
Thanks to Susi for an awesome post + tips and thanks to Jessica from Arcadian Lighting for the opportunity! ♥ Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. Hi Nattie! I hope you and your readers enjoy these lovely white interiors. Thank you for letting us stop by! :)


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