Friday, November 30, 2012

Week in Review: Nespresso, Burger and a Domo

TGI Friday everyone! 
How's everyone week been? My week has been some what uneventful ;)
Anyhoo, welcome to my brand new segment: Week in Review. Hopefully this time it will last longer than my other segments (v___v). Well, every Friday I will blog about how my week has been. I thought it has been long overdue to share a little bits and pieces of me with you all. So without further a due, here's my week in review :)

Jacaranda Tree, has been filling Adelaide street with purple goodness.
Dropping by Nespresso boutique to pick up our first ever nespresso machine!
YAY! Super excited to try this!
Colourfull cups = eyecandy goodies!
Trying out the new food joint in town; Pearl's Diner
I have the Burger#1: Coorong Angus beef patty with lettuce+tomatoes
I'm having this love hate relationship with the beautiful purple jacaranda trees near my work. I love it because it's so pretty, yet I hate it because it's been shedding like a mofo especially on my car (T___T) Nightmare on car washing!

Thanks to our lovely best friends, who got us a Nespresso machine for our wedding gift! I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but my other half is. So he's been hook ever since.

If you live in Adelaide, you would've heard of Burger Theory. They've open up a diner which just 15 minutes from our house. So we just have to go and get our self their mouth watering burger and chips! Totally recommended! I guess this will become our watering hole from now on :p Delish!

And last but not least, I got myself a domo-kun plush for FREE!! YAY!! Well, the story goes like this: My other half and I were walking pass tunzafun (it's like a timezone) and this toy claw vending machine kept on stacking domo plush without anyone playing it. So me being the curious george that I am, pressed the button and voila domo plush came right out. But that's not the end of it, the machine kept on stacking domo and more domo plushies came out. Since you know these places have tons of cameras every where, so there's no way we can sneak and run with the plush, so we went it and told the sales person that their domo machine might be broken since it won't stop pumping out plushies. So, he came around and turn off the machine and say it's our lucky day and we got to keep the first domo that came out. HORRAY! Honesty paid off! But then again, thinking back on how many $2 coins that we've wasted on these claw vending machines, it's kind of a break even point lol

In any case, not long to go till Christmas now bloggers! Can't wait, can't wait! This year I've been super organise, I've done 35% of my Christmas shopping already. I know I know... 35% might not seems a lot, but compare to this time last year, it is a huge achievement on my side.

Have a good weekend everyone!
xx Nattie

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