Friday, December 07, 2012

Week in Review: Cotton Candy, Bourdain and a Bear

Drooling over this cotton candy!
One word: Addicted!
Bubbly + Breath taking view = awesome night out!
Channeling my inner bear-ness ...
Woah how awesome is that cotton candy?! Unfortunately, that picture wasn't taken by me. If it was, I would've stuffed my face with lots of cotton candy, until I couldn't walk no more ;p A friend of mine posted it in facebook a while ago and I just have to share it with you all. Regrettably, I can't find the source for it, even uncle google couldn't help me. So, if you know the source, do shoot me up a comment and I'll update source.

This week my other half and I celebrate our 4 years and 5 months anniversary (yeah we're one of those weird couples who celebrate their anniversary monthly :p tee hee). Our jewelers Pure Envy, were super nice and sent us to a night away in town at Crown Plaza Adelaide, all expenses paid. So we celebrated with bubbly, room service and a marathon of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation.

My poor iphone was badly abused. It fell face first onto rock solid asphalt and badly nicked around the edges. Thanks to my newly discovered iphone case, it is now look brand new again. With a pricetag of $5, I said 'Hell Yeah!'
TGI Friday everyone and wishing you all an awesome weekend ahead! ^___^ x

ps: do you like my snowy effect? I thought just because I can't have a white christmas in real life, doesn't mean I can't have a white christmas in my blog.
Spread the Christmas cheers everyone!

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