Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kidrobbot MunnyWorld

I always LOVE DIY toys, especially DIY figures / models! and Kidrobot has make this possible and moreover make the sky is the limit for creativity to run wild!

About Munnyworld:

"In MUNNYWORLD, you can do anything you want!

MUNNY, BUB, TRIKKY, RAFFY, and ROOZ are the soft, super smooth vinyl figures that make up MUNNYWORLD. Each one is a blank canvas, and all ready for scribbling, piercing, painting, posing, piling, dressing up, and sculpting into forms straight from your imagination.

Or you can keep them just as they are.

See how great you truly are. Do amazing things and create more than ever before. And, most importantly, have fun with MUNNYWORLD!"

you can make from this:

to this!!

Or even this!!

To buy click here

plus I just cant help to share this funny animation ^___^

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