Friday, March 26, 2010

WongFu Production

I know that this is just so random! But i just have to share with you guys! I recently just got so hooked with this awesome production company based in LA. They are three most creative, funny and talented young asian american that make the most funniest and amazing short film, music video and general vlogging.
Make sure to check them out @WongFu Production

Here's one my favourite short film so far!

"Just a nice guy"
Nick is the nice guy we all know. He's polite, considerate, friendly...and single. Nick explains his frustration with being the nice guy, and tries to figure out if there's anyway to get the girl he likes, Amy, to see him as anything other than, "a nice guy"

Make sure to check their others short films and also their vlogging = guarantee will make you LOL-ing! @WongFu Production

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