Monday, June 07, 2010

Amazing Paper Art

I decided that this week blogs will be dedicated to Paper arts and Origami!
To kick off this week blog: Check out this Amazing Paper Art!

I'm always a big fan of origami and the art of paper folding / paper art. I still remember once upon a time I felt so proud of myself to have master the art of making paper cranes. But this has brought origami to a very very high level (also brought my paper cranes skills to a kindergarten skills T____T)

Anyhoo, enjoy 'Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art':

Jen Stark

Simon Schubert

Yulia Brodskaya

Richard Sweeney

Ingrid Siliakus

There are plenty more where its come from! A MUST HAVE to check out!
For more images click HERE!

found via Webdesigner Depot through WongFu Productions

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