Sunday, June 06, 2010

New blog layout + Angel Unlimited

YAY! I've finally update my blog layout! Unfortunately the last layout wasn't really working out and there was a lot of bugs/things/links that just didn't works out. Though I like the old layout because its very simple, cute and html friendly (as I more comfortable editing in html) I guess I need to accept the inevitable and upgrade my blog to .xml format (as what just Blogger been reminding me to do a long long long time ago).

So here it is: well, so far its working quite well! There's a lot of features and that I can add and integrated to the blog. Like a search engine, linkwithin, facebook integration (still working on this), and other awesome features! So far I just stick to the simple ones and upgrading the blog as time goes by.

So let me know what you think. Feedbacks are very much appreciated!

In a meantime, I found my old Adobe Fireworks work, thought you might enjoy it. It titled 'Angel Unlimited'

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