Friday, June 11, 2010

Pop-up Dollhouse

I LOVE DOLLHOUSE! Especially this dollhouse design by Joe Freedman and his wife Ilisha Helfman. It's so simple yet pack a punch!

'Attention all you dollhouse lovers, this is a beauty! Full of lovely details and intricate cuts throughout, we fell in love with this house instantly. This amazing, fully assembled, pop-up dollhouse comes flat and pops open for play or display. It’s so much fun peeking through the windows to see what’s inside. The house includes nine pieces of lasered tabbed furniture with simple illustrated instructions that require no scissors, tape or glue. Too easy! Joe Freedman and his wife Ilisha Helfman design and make beautifully crafted pop-up toys and cards in small editions and this dollhouse really is an amazing piece of paper engineering. The assembled house measures 15cm wide x 15cm high x 8.5cm deep.' - Upon a fold

You can purchased this adorable Pop-up Dollhouse from Upon a fold

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