Monday, June 28, 2010


'Smiggle my world!'
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have a terrific weekend! I've been learning how to crochet via youtube over the weekend (seriously nowadays you can learn almost everything through YouTube). My crochet still a working progress, so more on that later on.

Anyhoo, over the weekend I dropped by one of my favourite stationery shop; Smiggle!

I haven't been there for ages due to I always walking out with a bag full of goodies from it. But since I heard they have lot's of new stuffs coming out, so I just have to check it out!

For those who doesn't know what Smiggle is:

'Smiggle, Australia's hottest stationery brand, was born in 2003 when its founder noticed a gap in the market for colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery. The first Smiggle store opened in South Yarra, Melbourne, and word spread fast about the bright pens, notebooks and gadgets that filled a tiny, but very special space.' - Smiggle.

and that's just how I first met Smiggle in its small little corner shop in Melbourne and fell in love with it.

Here's some of their cute and colourful stationery that on my wish list:

and plenty more....

Well, there's plenty more in the shop (that I just can't find the pics of it).  So make sure to check them out in store or online @

Images courtesy of Smiggle

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