Friday, June 25, 2010

Preshafruit Juice

Happy Weekend everyone!

I went to Coles the other day and stumble upon this cutest bottle of juice called Preshafruit.
The thing that drawn me into it is its revolutionary way of creating the juice and of course the cute lil bottle!

'Preshafruit® juices are pressurised cold using High Pressure Processing (HPP)* to give a just picked fruit taste, maximum vitamin retention and an extended fridge life.
Conventional heat pasteurising, even if "flashed", diminishes the fresh taste and nutrients found in juices including vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. HPP delivers an anti-oxidant value 2X or more, compared to more traditional pasteurising techniques.
Preshafruit® juices contain 100% Australian fruit.' - Preshafruit

Taste so yummy (this is coming from a girl who hates fruit :D) and looks so adorably petite, it's perfect companion for any girl's handbag! 

Three cheers to the design studio that comes up with the brand identity and packaging for it - Design by Pidgeon

Read more about it @ Design VictoriaPreshafruit

So bloggers, if you out and about this weekend, don't forget to keep hydrated and healthy by taking this little cute bottle of freshness with you!

Images courtesy of Design by Pidgeon & Preshafruit


  1. What?!? You're drinking fruit juice?!? It's the end of the world!!!

  2. LOL! BUTTTT, it's REALLY REALLY nice! super fresh and sweet but no sugary sweet! u have to try it!


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