Thursday, July 01, 2010

Address file by lovelydesign

Who still keep an address file nowadays when we have iPhone, blackberry, mac/netbook, and the latest tech savvy must have iPad to digitally record all of our contacts in most convenient ways? But what happen when your iPhone crash, updated firmware wipe all your contacts and current back up is corrupted?

That is why we always need to keep a physical back up ;)
Well, let me tell you with this kind of address file by lovelydesign I would be more than happy to switch filing my contacts in my Iphone for one of this!

It made from recycle paper and specially hand-crafted by Sharilyn from lovelydesign

I fell in love with the paper's colourful hues and how its work so well together.
It feels like you have a rainbow on the palm of your desk :p

With just $65 price tag, anyone could definitely own one of this baby! ;)

Images courtesy of lovelydesign

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