Monday, July 19, 2010

Find-day Monday: 19.07.10

Happy Monday everyone and what a 'fine day' it is!


Okay, perhaps there's a hint of sarcasm on the 'fine day' because when I woke up this morning, my house was covered in fog. I thought it was only around my area cause I live quite far from the city and on the hill, but noooooo... when I drive to work towards the city, it's like fogging all the way through and it is like 8.30am?! quite bizarre indeed.

But in saying that, it's quite interesting driving to work this morning, passing through the fog and dead looking trees along the main street, almost feels like I'm in winter in Canada. All I need now is a snow :p

Well apart from that, I know it's like Find-day Monday and I should've post two things that I found over the weekend, but ... sorry bloggers I didn't find anything that worth posting for T____T

But of course I won't leave you with nothing to read on, so instead I'll post something that caught me fancy over the weekend!

1. Poker face (acoustic) by Glee

I'm currently in love with this song! so refreshing and if you know me, you know that I love Broadway and theatrical music. Plus I LOVE GLEE!
PS: tried to find the clip from glee when Rachel sing it with her mum, but it's not really good quality, so I'm sticking with this one! ;)

2. Quote-book

Sometimes in life you just need a little word of wisdom, a pick me up line or even just words to put things into another perspectives. I stumbled upon this quote book tumblr account and it is a total inspirational. A MUST to check out!

x nattie

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