Monday, July 05, 2010

Find-day Monday: 05.07.10

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all have a terrific weekend to rest up, recharged and ready to power through another week.

and Welcome to the first ever (and hopefully first of the many) Find-day Monday!

I often spent Sunday either out and about or staying home flipping through the net for the latest eye-candy, so what a better way to start a Monday then to share my finding over the weekend with you guys!

First up is Coat Hanger Paper Clips by Kikki-k

I dropped by Kikki-k in the city over the weekend and fixated my eye on this cute little coat hanger paper clips!

How cute is that! I know exactly what I'm gonna use it for (wink *) I can't wait to get my hand on one of this on my next paycheck :p . Click here to get some for yourself!

Second up is EOS lipbalm!

Winter is so sucks for your lips because its dry up your lips and its just so painfully dry when you don't take care of it. So I start looking for a good lip balm. I don't want to have those lip balm that taste like cough syrup nor lip balm that have too much chemical in it. So EOS is perfect for me because its 100% Natural!

"EOS stand for Evolution of Smooth - its 95% organic, 100% natural and paraben and petrolatum free. Pack with antioxidant-rich vitamen E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil. EOS keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth" EOS.

Its cute sphere looking container makes you smile everytime you put it on ;)

Its comes with several yummy flavors like summer fruit, honey dew, sweet mint ....

and its new flavor Lemon Drop which contain SPF 15 to protect your sweet little lips from the harmful UV sun!

I'm rooting for the lemon drop one! I think so far it's only available in US but you can always get it from Ebay in Australia :)

Images courtesy of EOS and Kikki-k.

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