Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kids Week: Day 4 - Crafting for kids

Let's get crafting kiddo! Bring those crayon, paper and crafting goodies!

1. Made by Joel
This is just super cool! Who say that crafting is only for girls? Joel from Made by Joel proven other wise! Check out lots of cool idea of DIY toys for kids in his blog.

Love the doll house and the doll house furniture!

2. Pet Rocks by Blonde Design

Grab couple rocks, paint it and voila you got yourself a one of a kind pet rocks!

3. Ninja cupcake topper by Zakka life
Your little boys would love to have this in your next cupcakes batch! :p
Get the printable from here.

4. Happy Multicolored Chalk by Kiddio
Have those small pieces of Chalk lying around the home? Gather them all around and make a customised chalk with your ice cube tray! Click here for the How-to!

4. Nick Jr Craft

Who doesn't love Nick Jr?! I still love watching Nick Jr when I can, unfortunately I don't have any cable anymore, so I could only watch it when I'm in my in law's house :p Nick Jr have lots of craft ideas and free printables for kids capturing their cartoon themes from the backyardigans to wonder pets!

Hope you enjoy my craft list bloggers! Let me know if you decided to try on them out!
Have a nice day!

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