Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kids Week: Day 3 - Let's get the party started!

Wouldn't be a kids week without a kids party!
Here's some party inspiration that sure will make your next kids party the envy of others ;)

1. Amy Atlas Event

2. The Party Studio

3. Armelle

4. Bella Piccolo

5. Tom Kat Studio


and my top favourite is ....

Alice in Wonderland tea party by Tom Kat Studio for Laura Winslow Photography! Love the burst of bright exotic colour!

Inspiration board:


Omigosh! Make sure you check out her full post here! I just can't stop drooling over it and go up and down the page so many times! LOVE THEM! ;)

Until tomorrow blogger! xo nattie


  1. I hope you don't spoil your children rotten with such extravagant parties...

    They'll become rotten children... and have regular visits to the dentist from rotten teeth from all that sugary goodness.


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x nattie

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