Friday, August 13, 2010

Bedroom Makeover: Bedsheets

Horray Friday!
can't wait for spring!
Are you excited for the weekend bloggers? I'm kinda half excited... On one side, I'm so excited because I get to sleep in and catch up with my sleep + hopefully finishing up my knitting project. While on the other side, I'm not so excited because I have tons of bookkeeping work to do (I really should get a better job (T___T).

Anyhoo, starting today there will be a new blog series called 'Nattie's Bedroom Makeover'. As some of you may know, one of my 101 things to do is to redecorate our master bedroom. So the series will start with some decor inspirations then follow on with some decor items that I heart, and hopefully a finale with the finish bedroom makeover.

So to kickoff the series, I'm looking for bedsheets inspirations! A little background story, when we moved in to our new home, I was so obsessed with dark chocolate / brown color furniture and decor (I guess it was the trend a year ago). Now after while, it all seems to make our home darker and gloomier due to our dark color floor board (plus perhaps also due to winter = less sunshine). So we only have two choices, change the floor board or change the decor. Of course I opt to change the decor as it's much more cost effective and affordable.

So here's some of my brainstorming ideas of bedsheets / quilts cover / bedroom decor that I'm looking to get!

some white french flair?
too pinkish girly?
country plaid anyone?
blue + orange = bright combo!
touch of passionate red = heart!
bold and beautiful?
Check out the crochet bedspread! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
can't go wrong with black & white

Valentina black rose elegance
Heart the white fluffy balls blanket!
Or how about white plain bedsheets match with funky color blanket, pillows, or cushions?
add funky deserts cushions!
love the rainbow pillow
heart the colorful crochet bedspread!
or match it with bright color pillowcases?
Oh so much things to choose from! I'm leaning towards plain white bedsheets and add funky color pillowcases (maybe with some ruffles or crochet corners), throw in some big french square pillows and colorful print cushions then top up with handmade crochet bedspread. What do you think? Let me know or even better share your bedroom makeovers with me for inspirations!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Just popped over's a bit freaky but I'm in the midst of a bedroom reno...the only white here at the moment is plaster dust, but your pics have renewed my enthusiam!! Luv the with crocheted bedspread & the pillow slips.

  2. My favorite would be the "Heart the white fluffy balls blanket" and the "heart the colorful crochet bedspread". So lovely <3

    Have a sweet weekend!

  3. Thanks for the comment love! Glad you found a little inspiration. :)

    I love way too many of these beautiful bedsheets/spreads! Gorgeous!!

  4. I LOVE the all white, wish I could keep it clean with the 4 dogs/2 kids! lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, please add your button to the bottom of my blog for free.


  5. Looks like you are spoilt for choice - love the all white bedrooms although probably not so practical! The crocheted pillowcases are beautiful.

  6. I would definitely go with plain light colour walls and then you can accessorize with anything and change whenever bedspreads etc - I love white! I love the dessert cushions - so cute! Actually I love all the pics - thanks for posting them :-)

  7. What a gorgeous blog! My favorite is the pink and white I think!

  8. Hi Nattie, Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I've sent through your email to The Book Depository so you should get a voucher soon, let me know how you go! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedroom pics you've chosen (the white and the crochet - oh my!). Funnily enough, I am in exactly the same predicament with the chocolate brown everything in my home and the gloominess!! I've already chosen a lovely simple white quilt and pillow cover set but I'm still searching for extra good quality white sheets on sale!! I was going to brighten it up with some crochet and handstitched stuff as well. (I must say that I adore the bell jars with the plants underneath in the "bright and beautiful" pic too) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

  9. Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments! And when I visited all of your blogs, I am more inspired than ever! THANKS for sharing and giving me so much inspirations!
    Special Thanks for all my new followers! x *hugs*


Thanks everyone for taking the time to comments! All of your lovely comments brighten my days and very much loves always! *hugs*
x nattie

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