Monday, August 16, 2010

Find-day Monday: Fabulous Trinkets

Hello lovelies!
Handmade Tasmanian Oak knitting needle
How's everyone weekend? Hope you're all have a good and recharge weekend. My weekend has been quite uneventful; just staying at home, doing some chores, doing my knitting which at the moment doesn't seems to grow at all (man, knitting a scarf is hard work ;p) and doing some crafting (which at the moment is still a top secret ;)

Moving along ... now that I've been blogging Find-day Monday for more than a month, I think I should narrow my finds into themes rather that sporadicly posting about random and unrelated items that I heart and fancy.

So this week finds are Fabs Trinkets! I love love love collecting unique trinkets, even though sometimes I have no idea what to wear it with, I would still buy it anyway (I really need to stop buying at impulse).

1. Rainbow Hoop earrings by Papermode.
How gorgeous is this water resistant handmade paper beads earrings? It is so unique that there's only 50 of these earrings available in the world. It's available from Papermode or if you're in Australia, Upon a fold sells them too.

When I see this, it reminds me of when I was kid; I used to weave ribbons just like this to make friendship key chains (note: I can't remember how to do it anymore now as I did it when I was 10).

2. Striking Resemblance Necklace by Anthropologie
Collector beware, this next necklace will have you dying to own it! With its vintage but modern twist looks, it is a must have for those who love one of a kind necklace.

3. Paris in spring time Brass pocket watch necklace by Oh Hello Friend
At the moment, I'm loving everything Paris related! This gorgeous vintage pocket watch by Danny from Oh Hello Friend just perfect to complete my cravings!

4. Tea Please earrings and necklace by The French Factory
For those who love Alice in the Wonderland or just simply love tea party, then these piece of jewelery are totally just for you.
5. Peonies ring by Jenny Kim
I love flowers rings! I have like 4 flower rings already from the bling to the colorful, but this one I just totally drools over! Simply gorgeous!

6. Porcelain rings by MaaPstudio
Talking about rings, look at this rings by MaaPstudio! Totally gorgeous and to die for. I love the clean cut, white pastel colour combinations.
Fandango turquoise 
Napa valley coral brown
San Martin Yellow
So what's in your trinket box lovelies? Is it full of vintage charms, pop-color trinkets, modern simplicity jewelery or full of blings of diamonds, crystals and pretty shiny stones?

ps: just in case you're wondering why I have knitting needle pic at the beginning of the post. It's because my boss just gave me one of that gorgeous Tasmanian Oak knitting needle! I'm so excited to try it out! He knew that I just starting to learn how to knit, so this oak knitting needle definitely motivate me to do more knitting! (Thanks D!) What a great way to start a Monday Morning ;)

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Nice! My faves are the peonies rings - so pretty! Don't you think those last three look like they are made with cake icing?

  2. I know!! Me too!! Love the peonies rings! but the porcelain rings just so irresistibly cute! and definitely will become a conversation starter! ;) Thanks for pointer of the crocheting! totally gonna check it out!

  3. Hi Nattie, I absolutely love your blog! It's very unique and beautiful. These trinkets are gorgeous, great gift ideas..And your profile reminds me of my eldest stepdaughter. She's into some cool stuff like you..Rachaelxx

  4. Oh i sell those Art Viva knitting needles, they are a huge hit, LOVE them to pieces. Ace goodies to show off today. Love Posie

  5. @Rachael: THANKS RACHAEL! love your blog too, so inspiring! totally a blog that I'll follow closely for my upcoming decor and DIY inspirations! Thanks!

    @Posie: LOVE LOVE LOVE those knitting needles! Now I'm totally considering to buy the whole set, they just too gorgeous! thanks for visiting!

  6. Love peonies rings! Danni, from "ohhellofriend" has something very similar for her wedding ring!

  7. Thank you for your lovely note! I was going to say that Posie sells those - but she beat me too it! he he

  8. Nattie: Tried to email you re: knitting. Pattern is easy to follow and would be sutable for a beginner - you needto know how to knit and purl, cast on and cast off and decrease. There is not that much shaping in it. If you need any help with it (or any pattern) let me know.

  9. Hi Nattie, First of all thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment! Secondly I'm so glad you did as this brought me here. Your blog is so versatile and beautiful, lots of ideas and inspirations. I shall be back :)

  10. @Lovely little nest: I know! I think that's where the first time I saw it too. She's like my inspirations! love Danni's blog!

    @Rosalind: Thanks! Posie sells gorgeous craft! I want them all! :)

    @Kylie: Thanks can't wait to get it!

    @Anna: LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog too! *hugs* thanks for dropping by.

  11. Thanks for sharing Nattie. Love the paper earrings. Hope your having a great week. Michelle

  12. oh love those little rings!! too cute!

    hope you had a great weekend too. :)


Thanks everyone for taking the time to comments! All of your lovely comments brighten my days and very much loves always! *hugs*
x nattie

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