Monday, August 02, 2010

Find-day Monday: 03.08.10

OMG! It's August already! Can't believe how this year has been flying off so quickly. There's a good things and a bad things, the good things is that I can't wait for my end of year overseas holiday!! yet the bad things is omigosh it's only like 5 months to go to save up some $_$!!!

Anyhoo, enough of my ratting! as promised this week Find-day Monday will be double delights! ;) enjoy!

1. Painted wood acorns
How gorgeous and super cute is this rainbow acorns!!

2. Eiffel Tower card holder
Lately I've been obsessed with everything Paris! This is definitely one of those craving ;D

3. O-Check message bottle
Super cute message in the bottle concept!

4. Totoro cream pastry
OMG! I know it has no relation what so ever with the above stuffs, but totally need to share this cutie pie!

Happy Monday everyone!

psst ... I've been busy crocheting over the weekend, nothing much though, just practicing a straight line and single crocheting :P more on it later on! x

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