Monday, August 30, 2010

Find-day Monday: Glorious H2O

Good Morning Bloggers!

How's everyone weekend? It was so sunny and warm in the weekend, can't believe that spring is finally here. Well, the forecast for this week is still cloudy with a chance of rain, but at least it much more warmer now (Finally I can say: Goodbye Winter!).

This week Find-day Monday is a little bit different, it's not about fashion or decor, but instead it's about something that we always use everyday and perhaps at times took for granted. 'It' is a humble thing yet with good marketing and packaging, 'it' can be a luxurious item. It is a humble water. Yes, you heard it right, a simple bottle of water. 

Over the weekend I went around the city and stumbled upon a gorgeous and yes, pricey a bottle of water (VOSS & antipodes) But man, it was so pretty to look at, I just couldn't resist! So I hit the net and check out what other luxurious bottles of water are out there and here's my round up:

Pretty looking uh? Not only pretty, you can also use it as vases or decorative decor item when you finish with it! For me, I always so lazy to drink water (I can even count the number glass of water that I drink in a day within one hand). But when I drink it in pretty bottle, I tend to drink more ;p

Have a good Monday everyone! 


  1. Very cool!

    And so jealous you are saying goodbye winter. The weather here is getting colder by the day. And winter here is freeeeezing. :(

  2. i love the voss bottles i have four in my fridge for water bottles, i know it sounds weird {BUT I'M ALL ABOUT THE PACKAGING} kisses lisa xox

  3. @Lisa: re: VOSS - I know! I love it so much! I only have one at the moment, but I have a feeling it will grow very quickly to triplets :P I'm a sucker for packaging too!


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