Friday, August 27, 2010

YAY! Friday: Nechepurenka

YAY! Friday!

Wow, can't believe it's Friday already. For those who live in Adelaide; how gloomy has it been lately? All the rains, the clouds and strong gust of winds; it all just made me feel a bit mellow.

Anyhoo, I stumbled upon a really talented illustrator + crafter called Nechepurenka. At the moment, she's in the verge of opening her new shop and I can't wait until it open. It has a delicious collection of quirky stuffed dolls which I heart so much and also other gorgeous items which a must to check out.

So, here's the sneak peak of what's in store from Nechepurenka:

She even created a store especially for the toy to shop before going to their new home (awww... how sweet). I heart the fox and the white bunny looking stuffed toy with interchangeable outfits: super cute! So, don't forget to check out her awesome blog @ Nechepurenka.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Images courtesy of Nechepurenka


  1. Ha ha, that pooing puppy has given me the giggles.

    The styling in these images is fantastic.


  2. LOL! I know... who would've guess that poop can be so cute! and styling is two thumbs up, love the miniatures sofas and clothes hanger and even mini fur bear rug!

  3. oh, lol, I also just noticed the poop tote!

  4. I want that polkadotted fox or puppy or whatever it is :) Have a lovely weekend!

  5. @Meghan: Good Eye Meghan! I didn't even realise its a poop tote! I thought it was just a symbol or something :P Super cute!

    @Signe: I know I want them all too! so irresistible ;)


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