Thursday, August 26, 2010

For the love of bags: Tago design

For the love of Japanese handmade handbag.
Let's get back to the basic: classic + elegant = unique and timeless handbag, just what Tago Design promised and its sure hell delivered. Naomi Tagooka made each bag with care and love, using vintage one of a kind Japanese fabric, so each bag is unique in its own self.

Herringbone Nep Tweed Woll boston bag
Tweed Wool Flower wristlet clutch bag
Tweed Wool Flower boston bag
How gorgeous! ;) Have a nice Thursday everyone!


  1. Your blog really is incredible! Your last few posts are amazing. Wouldn't work be appealing if you were in one of those gorgeous offices every day. And the little suitcases..I've been trying to find those in Oz for ages too. I love these bags you've featured, but can I afford them?! Rachaelxx

  2. @Rachael: LOL! I can't afford it either, but it's just so gorgeous to look at and to dream on :P LOL
    Thanks for the super sweet comments! *hugs*

  3. oooohh i love the bags.......and do like tweed i have to say, enjoy your day lisa xox

  4. These are amazing, especially the first one!
    Have a great thursday :)


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x nattie

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