Wednesday, August 11, 2010


First there's an iPod when it becomes the must have of the centuries. Then there's iPhone which revolutionize how we use our mobile phone and become a benchmark of mobile phone technology. The newest one is iPad, the latest must have of the iGenerations.

So is the iChocolate is the next standard for chocolate?

Yes, you heard it right, iChocolate!

For a chocoholic that I am, this is just so tantalizing! Unfortunately, it seems that the shop that sell it don't sell it anymore. But who knows keep an eye on the shop, it might start selling again in the near future! and if they do, I'll be the first to queue up to buy it ;p


  1. oh my God. Two of the things I love most on this planet, chocolate and apple products...I don't know if I could eat this. Well, yes I could. It's chocolate and I can't resist it.

  2. This is hillarious! Love it. I'd be scared to eat it b/c it looks too perfect.

  3. @bobbi: I know!! Apple + Chocolate = Heaven! ;) that's why when I saw it I was like totally have to have it and check it out!
    @Gramercy Home: LOL, touche!

  4. Hi Nattie, thanks for leaving your lovely message on my blog! Your blog is fantastic - funny but I was an accountant in a previous life! I am also a chocoholic so loved this post. Hope your having a great week. Michelle

  5. @Paper Tree Design: Thanks Michelle! Three Cheers for accountants who just dyeing to do design and art ;)


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x nattie

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