Tuesday, August 10, 2010

LavennzOsy Illustrations

I always amaze in how talented and amazing young illustrators out there. I stumbled upon gorgeous illustrations by Lavennz and with first look, I fell in love with it straight away.

and my top favourite is ... waiting for love!

If only getting a guy is that easy :P
Anyhoo, you can purchase all of her illustrations in her etsy store.
All of her work is handmade with love by herself, so some work is limited editions, so hurry up and check out her etsy store.


  1. Why isn't getting a guy that easy? Girls basically go fishing and wait for bites don't they?

  2. Well... in real life, going fishing is hard enough things to do :P u need a good bait, more skill in order to get a good fish. if not, you ended up waiting and waiting and nothing bites your baits. r we still talking about guys or fishing? ;D LOL

  3. Hi Nattie, thanks for the feature!


  4. She is fabulous! I am in love too... I wish I could be so talented.
    Love the waiting for love too


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x nattie

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