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Japanese decor by +d.

Who doesn't loves an innovative homewares and home decor?

Hearts the mountain of homewares!
Ever since we bought our first ever home, I've been in this decor and homeware shopping frenzy. Everytime I saw cute and unique decor items or homewares, I just have to buy it. My other half usually ask 'why do you need it for?' and my answer usually 'it's not about needing it, dear. it's about: it will look good at home even though it doesn't serve specific purpose' and he usually just shook his head :p LOL

Although there are so many type of homewares, one particular homewares always remains closed to my heart: Japanese homewares. I just can't get enough of it; either its traditional or modern Japanese. I love the simple clean lines,  innovative approach and simply the uniqueness of it.

And lately my eyes been fixated on this particular modern Japanese range: +d.

+d is an innovative Japanese brand of interior decorating items collaboratively design by Koncepts and interior designers.  Their concepts are simple:

They carefully nurtured their concepts, from the first seed of an idea until its final blossoming, making sure that the feelings of the product's designer would be passed on to anyone who encounters it. It is precisely because we are surrounded by "things" in our modern lives that understanding and enjoying the stories behind these products is so important. +d: delivering products with heart for a new age. - vivachistyle

Here's some of their product lines that I heart

Splash Umbrella stand
This unique umbrella stand have multipurpose use. You can use it as a vase, pen holder or even a door stop. With a bright splash of color choices, it surely will brighten up any home.
Stand up Soup Ladle
Design by Tate Otama, this revolutionary soup ladle will bring delight to any kitchen. If you have a tiny kitchen like I do, you know how space consuming it is to have a bowl/plate to put your soup ladle. With this it simply stand up on its own, so you can say goodbye to any spoon rest. Total genius!
Gum Hook
For those who always conscious about getting kids friendly home decor item, then the Gum Hook is for you. It made from silicone which bend when bumped. The hook color can be easily interchangeable to suit any mood. Design by Gaku Otomo who strives to create products that are practical and hard working yet playful at heart.
Tsun Tsun Soap Dish
Hate when your soap just seems to melt away and dissolve in excess water on your soap dish? Then you need to get this Tsun Tsun Soap Dish. With its pointy surface, it help the soap dry faster which at the end makes it more hygienic and helps your soap last longer.

CD Joy
CD + Joint = CD Joy.  These cute puzzle look alike, join CD case together to make CD display box any shape you like.

Picnica Rabbit Tote
Tote lovers beware! This super cute rabbit hides a full size eco-friendly nylon tote! When you finish with your shopping, simply fold your tote and stuff it back into the rabbit! You can't help on saying awww....

Hanger Clip
Forget peg, hang your photo in style with this hanger clips from +d ;) The beauty in this hanger clip that you don't have to punch a hole on your photo in order to pin them on a wall or use those sticky glue, just simply hang it with these hanger clips.

Tag Cup
Can't go wrong with colorful cups! Even more right when it's keep your hot cuppa, hotter for longer. These tag cup is made with silicone sleeve that keep the heat inside for longer and also protects you from the heat, so you can comfortable hold it firmly with both hands.
This unique picture frames allow you to trim and fit different square sizes of photo with the convenient of one frame.

Bulb Cup
How cute is this bulb cup? Cups created by cutting actual light bulbs. This versatile bulb cup can be use as display case, vase, potpourri container and of course as a drinking cup.

Forget about iPad, let's go conventional by jotting down notes and ideas with this pretty book that looks like a mug. It will give a relaxing feelings of a tea break wherever you go.

This felt shopping bag is surely to make you and everyone who see you carrying this...
smile: say chesseeee :D

There are so much more of +d products line to check out, so make sure you check out their website to see the latest and the innovative interior decor they offer.

So which one of +d interior decor item that caught you fancy?

For me, I have too much favorites! but if I had to choose one, it would be Picnica: the rabbit tote! Because it's the most practical one + it has a good reason to give to the Mr for buying it: it's a tote, dear. It's very useful and beside I need a new tote for shopping because my old one getting tatty :p
do you think he'll bought it? *wink wink*

PS: The link of where to buy is in each product name. I tried to link mostly to Australian seller, but unfortunately for some, I can't find any Australian seller but it is available offshore online. But if you do know any other Australian seller that sells it, let me know so I can update my link.


  1. oh i adore homewares, and can't seem to stop buying them either, i'm a collector of all things beautiful hehehe lisa xox

  2. Oh, oh, oh.... I want the book that looks like a tea cup! And, the photo frame, and the tag cup. Cool homewares. Great find!

    Linda. xox

  3. I've seen the umbrella stand at top3by design, but not the other products.

    Love the soup ladle, the bulb cup & the wooden picture frame, but especially loving the felt shopping bag. Just too cute.

    Sandy K


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