Friday, August 20, 2010

This aint no disco (it's where we work)

Woohoo Friday!

Trust Creative Society Chill out zone
How's your week been bloggers? I trust you all well and have exciting weekend planned ahead. For those who's working desk job like muah, I hope you've been breezing through all your pile of work like a road-runner *beep beep* ;D

My weekdays been productive with lots of my bookkeeping done. I've also been working on my banner which is almost done, just need a bit of tweaking here and there and it's ready to go. I'm so excited, so keep an eye on it bloggers, winter is almost over and when spring sprung, my banner will be up and running! *fingercross* >___< x

Well, talking about work, have you ever heard about this blog/web called this aint no disco (it's where we work)? It showcases studios / offices around the world with focus on its creative interior that provide an environment to nurture creativity, fun, frolics and damn right posing!

Oh how much I wish I work in one of these offices!

Trust Creative Society

They have a full working kitchen and a cafe for the staff to cook and eat!

awww.. teddy bear chair!
IN10 Communication

Someone Creative

Love the rows of frames!
Agencia Babel

Chill out zone and library

Creative State

Love the open living space, not so sure about the noise though :P


Heart the high ceiling!

Total genius on color differentiation on the meeting room!

This is so doesn't look like an office at all! ;p

Chandelier Creative

Heart the psychedelic color arm chair!

a pink vintage baby grand piano in the office! r u serious!?!
OMG! How grand and gorgeous is this entrance door!
Inochi Design Lab

Love the blood coat hanger! total genius! Might steal the idea for my home :p

Play lab studio

TBWA - Indonesia

Well, you all know what they say: a happy employee is a productive employee.
and with offices like that, I think I'll be looking forward to go to work every morning!

Oopsie daisie, I just realised that I've been bombarded you with lots of pics! Sorry bloggers, got a little too excited :p Well, check out their web and check out lots more of creative studio's inspirations. These studio's inspirations not only works for huge office workplace, it can also be implemented on your own mini creative studio at home. I already have several ideas in my head! Hope these inspires you!

Which one of those creative studios that you heart? or do you have other source of creative studio inspirations? My choice has to be Trust Creative Society with those teddy bear seats and cute fluffy 'TRUST' couch thingy, it sure win my vote!

Well, that's all from me for now bloggers! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. you have a great weekend to, really liked photo 4 & 5......kisses lisa xox

  2. Hi Nattie, thanks for popping by and leaving your lovely comment! You have a beautiful blog here, and I am really enjoying reading back through your posts.
    All those amazing work environments would certainly bring out the best ideas from the employees for sure.. all the colour and quirky ideas are really inspiring!
    Have a fantastic weekend,
    Flick x

  3. Gasp! The blood coat hanger! I want one!


Thanks everyone for taking the time to comments! All of your lovely comments brighten my days and very much loves always! *hugs*
x nattie

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