Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yummy Tummy Koala

My work friend: Miz E bring the cutest snack the other day in the office called
Yummy Tummy Koala
(THANKS Miz E!!)

How cute is the packaging?!
and it so smart how they named each type of the mini mud-cake:
Kevin : the caramel mud-cake koala
Cath : the white choc mud-cake koala
and at the last but not least Bruce : the chocolate mud-cake koala

I tried Bruce ;p unfortunately taste wise, it wasn't that great. it was okay for a mud-cake, but then again who am I to review, I am after-all tasted better, gourmet and patissier type of mud-cake (yeah yeah, I'm such a snob when it comes to cakes and sweets :p) and plus I think it targeted for kids (when their taste buds hasn't quite develop yet ;p LOL) good concepts with good individual packaging, totally perfect for kids lunch box!

until next time bloggers! x

images courtesy of thedieline


  1. Or... maybe it's not meant to be as (un)healthy as a gourmet mud cake? You know, what with the growing obesity rate, etc. Or it's because it needs to have a longer shelf life unlike freshly baked cakes.

  2. well, they can always indulge once in a while :P eat in moderation is the key. besides, you should try it, it's cute and you might like it you know :)


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