Wednesday, September 15, 2010

For the love of bags: Clutches

I fell in love with clutches ...
It is so compact, not so bulky, and practical when you need a small purse to go dinner with friends or a night out in town. It also kinda force me to have a frame of mind that it's okay not to bring every single things in a bag, when you only need the essentials ;)

1. Pelican Clutch 2. Metro De Paris 3. Black Velvet Flower 4. Hummingbird in Turquoise 5. Jive by Kurt Geiger 6. Brassy Orangina 7. Kate Spade's Bow Monde Agathe 8. Inge Christopher Blush 9. Alexander McQueen Knuckle duster clutch 10. Dsquared Clutch

I would love to get my hand on one of Alexander McQueen Clutches :3
Though no matter how much I love clutches, I would never let go my affairs with tote <3


  1. these clutches are awesome! im in love with no.5

    thank you sooo much for stopping by my blog and allowing me to discover yours! i LOVE's so cute!...esp your header!

    im now following...


  2. I'm a big fan of cluthes too! I love all the ones you posted here, I can't even pick a favourite.

  3. Cute!
    I like the map one...just cause it's got a MAP! ;o)
    The orange and purple ones are so cute too though.

  4. loving the 2, 4,5,6 and the mcqueeen

    follow if u like what u see?


  5. Oh, these are all gorgeous! I love clutches and handbags and shoes...and the list goes on! x

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!
    @Lillabilly: I know I love the metro de paris one too! and it's so affordable! might get one for myself for xmas :P LOL

  7. They are great but I always worry about leaving this clutch somewhere.

  8. Those are so so so pretty...I love the nr.4 so much:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  9. Ahh, I am head over heels for the Metro clutch! I've been obsessed with transit maps for quite some time now. And I completely agree with you...I need to start carrying around the essentials only...but I just can't part with my giant bag of tricks. :)

  10. i love clutches. that alexander mcqueen clutch is so creative and different. i desire it!
    thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I adore your blog.

  11. all of them are fabulous and sooo cute!
    i really love the alexander mcqueen and the kate spade.

  12. OH my goodness these are amazing! I love the one with built in brass knuckles!


  13. Oh la la, quite the clutch collection. Love Posie

  14. So beautiful! I think four and five are my favorite. I love birds and bows!

  15. Love clutch number 5!!!! It's darling!


    [ p.s. Thanks for popping by my blog the other day and leaving the sweet compliment! ]


Thanks everyone for taking the time to comments! All of your lovely comments brighten my days and very much loves always! *hugs*
x nattie

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