Friday, October 22, 2010

YAY! Friday: Inspired decor

YAY! Friday
The roses in our garden finally blooming!
Hi Everyone! So sorry for my lack of post this week.
Due to enormous workload @ the office, I haven't been visiting blogger's blog in the blog-land all week long - I miss you guys truly! though I did visited some of yours, because I just can't resist your pretty, interesting and awesome blog posts ;)

And also lately, I have been having this bloggers-blocked = I have nothing to blog about (nothing that interest me enough to blog about). I have several post ideas comes into mind this week, but somehow I decided not to post it because I think it wasn't good enough (don't want to spam you guys with pointless post or repeating post from other people blog, now do we? ;3

Have you guys ever felt that way? If you have, what would be the best remedy for it? any suggestion? hints? tips and tricks? I need all the help that I could get *wink* wink* ;)

Okay... enough of my excuses ... to kick start your weekends, I leave you with some decor inspirations that I heart this week ...

+ pink and white! two of my fave colour!
+ I think I can easily sat by the window for hours reading my fave novel
+ doilies wallpaper!! to die for! and of course refreshing yellow is always a plus
+ awesome wall art! it will be a perfect compliment to any kid's room!
+ high ceiling + minimalist stairs! My dream house! 
+ a great idea to make your room looks bigger! add high impact gigantic mirror! LOVE IT!
+ Walk-in wardrobe ... yes please! I take one to take home! :p
+ as it begin with pink and white, it shall ended with pink and white ;)
Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. yay, finally friday :D
    and I love the beige/green roon, so fresh!

  2. Look at that doily wallpaper!! How cool is that?

    I totally get bloggers block - and well, I just don't blog. It's better not to say anything at all then put up a half-assed post (in my humble opinion).

    Happy weekend to you!

  3. Thanks Christine! TOUCHE! totally agreed with you! ;) Have a good weekend!

  4. Great collection of images. I'm so loving the white and pink look ... and that walk-in wardrobe is to die for!

    Have a great weekend! ;-)

  5. whoa those are some awesome rooms! I know what you mean, I definitely get blogger's block once in a while!

  6. Love the doily wallpaper and that walk in robe is a dream.

    Sandy K

  7. I just found your blog and love it! This is a great collection of images-adore the pink and white (two of my absolute favourites as well) and that walk in closet is gorgeous!!


Thanks everyone for taking the time to comments! All of your lovely comments brighten my days and very much loves always! *hugs*
x nattie

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