Monday, October 18, 2010

Lego Giant Brick Storage Boxes

Omigosh! I love love love LEGO so much!!
Heart LEGO!
Check out this cute GIANT LEGO storage boxes!! SUPER CUTE!! You can stack them as well, just like a real lego. Plus they also have the giant lego head as part as the storage! UBER CUTE!

It made especially for Store UK under Lego license, so each storage boxes, looks exactly like the original lego pieces.

They cost about £17.00 = AUD$28 for the medium size one which is the one with four knobbly bits on top and £26.00 = AUD$42 for the larger size ( 8 knobbly bits on top ). It's quite affordable - BUT unfortunately they don't ship it to Australia ( boooo! )

So I'm joining the bandwagon, to have Howard's Storage World stock them! You can simply leave a message in their Facebook account about the LEGO storage boxes. Who knows with a little people power, we can bring these little beauty to our shore!

Images [ Store UK ]


  1. I love lego too! I'm slowly building a collection for my girls but it's so expensive now..Those storage boxes are cool. You've inspired me to make an orange cake too..I've been meaning to for ages. My grandmother gave me the best recipe! Rachaelxx

  2. love it! and i'm in the uk so am (or my little boy is) lucky there - a definite playroom must x

  3. They are really cool! I have never seen them before, but I think they are very decorative and FUN! :)


  4. Hi Nattie, sorry I've been a poor follower recently ;) I'm still away on holidays with limited access to internet. But I was lucky today :D I've never seen them, but what a great idea. My son would love them in blue, white and red of course :)
    Warm regards, Anna

  5. I saw this and I thought wow you never have to grow up! how fun does it look at the same time chic too!

    By the way, would love for you to enter my giveaway..:)

    Hope your day is going great!


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x nattie

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