Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Style Luggage + Jewelna Rose

+ via house and home UK
Hello blogger! Happy Monday!
or for some ... booo.... Monday! [give me back my weekend] ;p

How's everyone weekend? My weekend has been surprisingly productive.
On Saturday, I survived an abomination of five years old kids water gun riot aka my nephew's birthday bash [so many kids, so many screaming and so many mess] *LOL*.
Well ... on Sunday, I woke up super early for an online store to open because they have a very limited number of takochu and I really really want one. Good things I did wake up super early because it was sold out five minutes later [it sure was worth the lack of sleep].

+ super kawaii takochu via takochu tumblr
Anyhoo, enough about my weekend and obsession... at the moment, I'm totally droolings over these vintage style luggage. Well... you know what they say: Vintage is the new Black ;)

+ via hiho home
+ via red thread
+ via steamline luggage *heart x heart* ;)
+ Global trotter azure collection via hypebeast
My fave has to be this Japanese woven luggage by Jewelna Rose!
Vintage feel with a touch of modern sashy flair ;)

+ via fashion walker
+ via auselect
+ via gogo-j
+ via jewelna rose
OMG! Super cute! The limited edition pink suitcase, also comes with foxtail! Gosh, if only this available in Australia. Or have you seen this in Australia or US or UK online shops? or any online shops that shipped worldwide? if you do, PLEASE TELL ME!! :D

+ Jewelna Rose store front via f-works
ps: my friend is going to Japan in couple weeks time ... Hope I can convince him to buy one for me :P but being a guy .. my chances are very very low :p

So, do you have a vintage luggage in your home? 
Have a nice Monday everyone!


  1. Oh some amazing suitcases there!! Great finds, love Posie

  2. Gosh, that luggage is incredible! Minus the fox tail.. Glad you survived the water fight! Rachaelxx

  3. Thanks Posie! and Thanks Rachael! xx

  4. I love, love the woven suitcases! But they are pricey. £220 for the small suitcase, £300 for the roller.

  5. Oh, love them. I have no vintage luggage in my home, but my mom has some!

  6. @25London: I know... a lil but pricey but so want it! ;p
    @Meghan: Thanks Meghan!! I remember my mom has one too, but i think she gave it away when we're moving around :(

  7. Oh I wish I could travel in style like that!

  8. There are plenty of vendors at Goodwood Revival that sell antique trunks. I would purchase on the first day as they seem to sell out quick! We have several in the office and they make amazing coffee tables.


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