Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delica Dish Rack

Would you like to have a dish rack that the envy of others? Tired of the same old massive produce regular dish rack that everyone have?

Then look no more, The Delica Dish Rack is the answer to all your dilemma!

Geez, I sounded just like those tele-marketing people on daytime TV whose selling ridiculously unusable stuffs but sound bizarrely interesting with a tag line of affordable payment plan of $xx9.99 for x monthly payment :P

Anyhoo, back to the Delica Dish Rack, it sure is an eye-candy for your kitchen!

'Interesting concept, the stylish dish rack.  Spanish design house, Delica, have taken one the most boring house hold items, and turned it into a piece of art.  Item comes flat-packed in a box.  Very simple assembly required.  It disassembles just as easily. One hundred percent waterproof, coated wood.' - Collection of Cool.

Unfortunately I have the good news and the bad news ....

Well, its bad news for me anyway:

The good news is ...
The Delica dish rack is available in Australia through Collection of Cool
The bad news is ...
The Delica dish rack cost $189.00 and for me it's way out of my budget and don't think the Mr. will approve buying a dish rack for that price T____T

So for now, it goes straight to Nattie's wish list! ;D

Images courtesy of Collection of Cool found via Studio Home Creative


  1. I thought you guys don't use dishes any way?

  2. Of coz we do! we only do the disposable ones when u around :P


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