Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LAYERxlayer - Spruce Clamp

It never stop to amaze me on how a simple things can make a lot of difference. and to create a great design, you don't need an elaborate or diabolical ideas, you just have to start with a small and simple idea. You know what they all say: Less is always more!

What an eye-candy this SPRUCE Clamp by LAYERxlayer !

'LAYERxlayer is the collaborative studio founded by Patrick and Leah.
We use the highest quality materials to ensure that what we design will get better with age, as most things worth holding on to should.' - LAYERxlayer

Who would've thought that by combining a simple tree branches look alike can create such a useful and cute addition to your boring table! I know exactly where I want this to be in my home. It'll be clamped onto my kitchen island bench where I can put my keys, bangles and other daily things, so I don't have to keep on asking my other half: 'babe, have you seen my keys?' like zillion times a day!

ps: It may look a bit light and fragile, but guess what? it can even hold handbags / tote! I'm totally SOLD! SPRUCE Clamp, you have made into Nattie's Wishlist!

Images courtesy of LAYERxlayer found via decor8

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