Friday, July 23, 2010

Decor Inspirations ... & TUMBLR!

Yay! Weekend's here!

Anything interesting happening for this weekend bloogers?

Anyhoo, I've been surfing around the net for inspiration for home decorating, since I've so craving to do some decorating around the home and make my home a bit more artsy homey! ;) I found lots of awesome decoration inspiration pics, blog, suggestions, DIY and everything in between.

So bloggers, I leave you to enjoy several decor / architectural inspirations pics that I HEART ...

via one hour

via designismymuse

via gingerella

via rikshaw design

I wish my front door looks like this! how inviting!
via poppytalk

via skonahem
nattie's drooling over this sunroom! want it!!
how stocked and organised is this pantry?! WANT ONE! 

Okay okay, I think I've made my point :p 

Anyhoo *drumroll please* ... I've created a tumblr account! woohoooo!!
Basically I'll be updating my tumblr accounts with daily inspirations that I found inside and outside the net aka the above mentioned decor inspirations and others inspirations as well, including food, quotes, fashion and etc. So don't forget to drop by and check it out @

Do you have a tumblr account? if you do, let me know and share the love!

Have a good weekend bloggers!

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